Greenery! Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year


How did Pantone know that I went a little crazy buying peridot at the last gem show I went to?  They were just so beautiful and I did buy more than I set out to.  C'est la vie!  While I don't plan my designs around Pantone's favorites for the season, I do look to them for inspiration on color combinations and this shade of green was clearly already on my radar.

I absolutely love this shade of green, sort of a citrusy, green apple color.  I use it a lot in my marketing.  My business cards look like they're layered and the core is this color.  It's sprinkled throughout my website and newsletter.  It's everywhere in my branding.

Aside from the peridot hoops above, I just don't have a lot of peridot in the line.  That will change soon.  I have used peridot in combination with other gemstones and love that little bit of bright, fresh green that it adds as seen in this new piece.  While it is currently available, I still need proper photos and to get it on the site.


This piece has a bit of peridot sprinkled throughout as well.  It's such a gorgeous piece and I'm so happy to have it back in stock.  I had a tough time getting my hands on the labradorite in the quality I wanted so bought all I could get my hands on when I did!  I love the way the peridot plays with the blue and green flash in the stones in conjunction with the blue topaz.


So, thank you Pantone!  You've picked a color that is very good for me and I shall make good use of it in the coming year.

Watch this space...





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